Wednesday, September 1, 2010

• Empty

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky. ~Fran Lebowitz
A couple toddlers
Scattered Lego Blocks on floor
Bare feet, enough said

A cup of coffee
My solace from the terrors
Until they want sips

Where is your Mommy?
No, really. She should be here.
Don't giggle at me.

What's that smell? Who pooped?!!
Ok, you're cute again, sigh.
Wipes off sticky kiss

Finally Mommy's here
She smells of Calgon, she beams
I foresee murder

Held up in traffic?
You don't say. Calgon exhaust?
Wow. Your nails look nice.

Did them in the car?
In traffic? You don't say. Pfft.
A French Manicure??!!

Conspiracy looms
I've been taken for a ride
But revenge is mine

They head out the door
I'm sorry, they wouldn't nap.
Her face was priceless

I close the door. AH!
The debris can wait. Listen.
The sound of empty
• Bobbie Sandlin •
For: One Single Impression - Empty

No mandala with this one. I was feeling goofy :)


  1. What an incredible piece! Humorous and makes you feel like you're there. Perfect use of italics--adds another dimension! :-)

  2. Lovely Fun Haikus!!
    And the plight it narrates...LOL :D
    Loved it!!

  3. "What's that smell? Who pooped?!!" - LOL :D

    "I close the door. AH!
    The debris can wait. Listen.
    The sound of empty" - 'What a Relief' seen in this Haiku!!

    Great write for the prompt!!

  4. How lovely this is, and realistic - a story in haiku pictures. Seemed like a fitting turnaround in the end - the 'revenge'

  5. Oh, that was fun! those new mommies...

  6. That was a great place to write from! I actually miss those crazy times...I actually smiled. Thank You!