Tuesday, August 31, 2010

• Enough

Throbbing thoughts
Mind ache does not go away
Change is imminent

Being formed anew
Frequencies resurrection
Aligning with right

Material things
Lose their hold and importance
Within is enough
• Bobbie Sandlin •

I *heart* writing haiku lol
For Haiku Heights: Resurrection

The mandala was a happy accident. I think this is my favorite thus far.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

• A Flower's Prayer

Abstain from touching
Sweet flower's dewy halo
Nature's morning prayer
~Bobbie Sandlin~
Digital manipulation of a fractal. I loved the way this turned out.
For: 3WW
abstain, halo, prayer

• First Postiing :)

I have been in a creative funk as of late. Haven't wanted to fractal, write, anything. Just blah. A few days before school started, the kids wanted some coloring pages, and I encountered a page on the web to print off mandalas. I have literally been hooked, and indeed there is something quite meditative and relaxing about coloring them. I've drawn them, taken up some zentangling and zendalas...I suck at drawing so I won't post them lol. And wouldn't you know it, the inspiration came back, and I've been playing with making them digitally. Not only that, the writing is creeping back in as well. So, that is what this blog is for, to express whichever creative vein I'm in at the moment. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you, and Welcome to my Blog :)